Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The One beyond us...

Life is an incessant cycle to attain realization, say the awakened souls. Till when does this soul entrapped in a cycle of birth and death oscillate and vacillate? Where is the break off point? Or is there one, at all?

Intellect is but a plane of consciousness. There is something above intellect, something above these blazing lumps of manifested mass and energy. One cannot but feel a shiver when thinking about such an expanse of infinity. And to think that there are more things unmanifested.

No wonder sages sat so engrossed that they were covered by ant hills, and yet they never felt at all. The Spirit is the true reserve of existence, the body a mere perishable. Our sages teach that the Soul on liberation from a body, enters another and continues. In the words of Krishna, "there was never a time when either you or I ceased to exist. As we change clothes, as we change from childhood to youth, youth to old age and over to death, even so do we move from this body to the next"

But there is one lingering curiosity; the unmanifested progeny, the most pure and holy, the incomprehensible but eternal God, what is it? "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" declares Christ. He continues, "God is a Spirit, and he who worships Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth". But what is His nature? "I am time grown old" says Krishna in the Gita.

He is a Spirit, your Spirit, my spirit, the spirit of those who united with Him by penance, Spirits in their perfection. Spirits who through super-divine strength and resolve, withdrawn from the addictions of the body, desires of this world, attractions of the volatile and the momentary. For such Spirits cannot enter back into any body. This concentrated amalgamation of Spirits is God, the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.